Combination Pool Fencing

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Aluminium and Glass Pool Fencing Combination

Combination pool fencing is a mix of aluminium and glass pool fencing. So, this could be frameless glass with powder coated tube pool fencing. Or, it could be semi frameless with powder coated tube pool fencing.

Combination fencing is a great choice. In short, it can be both cost effective and practical. Firstly, the use of frameless or semi frameless glass for a clear view from your alfresco or patio area. Secondly, the use of aluminium tube pool fencing. For instance, where there is lawns or gardens and reticulation. Therefore, preventing grass and plants being burnt, from the sun through the glass. As well as, water spray on glass from the reticulation.

As a result, keeping maintenance to a minimum. So, you enjoy an uninterrupted view to your pool area. 

With regards to the gate. Likewise, this can be done in glass or aluminium. In addition, custom panels can also be produced for a step point where there maybe a retaining wall for example.

However, if you would like to find out more about the individual products. Click the page link below.

Aluminium and Glass Pool fencing
Aluminium and Glass Pool fencing
Aluminium and Glass Pool fencing

Have EnduroShield permanent protective coating applied.

When you have your new glass pool fencing pool fencing installed by us. We recommend you have EnduroShield permanent protective applied. Therefore, this will ensure your new glass fence look great for years to come.

**Applied to both sides of glass and all stainless steel components**

However, below is link to find out more about the great product.

Foothills Design and Install guarantee that your new pool fence exceeds Australian Standards and council requirements. So, we are able to assist you with your council applications. As well as being able to provide specifications for you new pool fencing. In addition, offering a workmanship guarantee on all our installations as well as most of our products come with a 10 year warranty. (conditions apply)

Most importantly, our standard pool fencing products and Installation comply to A.S. 1926.1-(2012)

This link you may find useful. THE RULES FOR POOLS AND SPAS  Here, you will find information regarding pool safety barriers.

Custom aluminium or glass panels can be produced. Ensuring, your pool fence is safe no matter what the ground levels are. In conclusion, our products are available in a variety of designs and powder coated colours. 

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